10 Signs You Should Elope



10 Signs You Should Elope

Deciding to elope is a big decision – and it’s not the right answer for everyone! But whether you have 2, 20 or 200 people at your wedding, then it’s a perfect plan – as long as it’s how YOU want to begin your marriage adventure! But if you’re looking for a sign you should elope, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 10 signs you should elope:

1. You feel excited about the idea of eloping!

If you get giddy when you think about eloping instead of having a big wedding – that’s your gut talking, friend!

2. You want to be thoughtful about how you spend your money.

Eloping doesn’t have to be a quickie or budget option – but it is almost always muuuch less expensive than a bigger wedding. You may want to save money overall, or spend your money in different ways – like on a honeymoon, or on traveling to a special destination for your ceremony, etc.

3. You want to avoid family or friend drama.

If the dynamics around who to invite are touchy, then maybe a true elopement with no guests at all is the best thing in your situation. And that’s ok!

4. You want to spend less time planning a wedding.

And more time enjoying your engagement season! Elopements cut out SO MANY of the details that take a lot of time to organize.

5. You want a stress-free, relaxing wedding day.

A day you will actually remember! Big weddings often fly by in a blur, but eloping removes a lot of the wedding day chaos and lets you be fully present.

6. You want to avoid decision fatigue.

The more details and logistics, the more decisions you have to make!

7. You love the idea of a purposeful celebration.

A day that’s focused on the point of a wedding – beginning your marriage adventure with the love of your life!

8. You value your privacy.

If you prefer a more intimate ceremony, either with no guests or just a few cherished friends or family, eloping is the perfect option!

9. You need more flexibility in timing of the wedding.

Elopements often happen on weekdays, and without a large guest list to worry about traveling for your day, you can plan your elopement whenever you want!

10. You want to elope somewhere unique or adventurous!

Eloping opens up your choice of cities for your wedding to basically anywhere – whether you decide to get married on the beach, or a mountaintop or somewhere overseas. The world is your wedding oyster!

If you decide to elope in St. Pete, I would LOVE to be part of your wedding day! I offer elopement photography in the St. Pete area, and I also love traveling up and down the Florida gulf coast!

If you also need some help planning your elopement, I’ve got you covered! I offer boutique elopement experiences with my teams at the St. Pete Elopement Package and Savannah Elopement Package. Both packages have five vendors with just one contract and invoice – photography, hair and makeup, officiant, bouquet + boutonniere and cake! My teams love making the elopement planning process extra easy and super stress-free, so you can just focus on getting married! Feel free to reach out with questions anytime.

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