I Remember When Friday Was the Best Day of the Week


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I remember when Friday was the best day of the week. The anticipation of a full weekend of freedom ahead of you was almost like Christmas Eve, and it felt like Monday was ages away. 

But you know why I used to crave Fridays and dread Mondays? Because I didn’t love what I was doing for 40 (or more…) hours a week. I was mindlessly clocking time to get a paycheck, battling crippling stress over tasks I didn’t even care about, and feeling like life really seemed pointless if I was going to spend the majority of my waking hours doing something I so deeply disliked. 

But now, it’s the opposite–I dread Thursdays (that’s my weekend, my schedule is weird y’all😂) and crave Mondays. I get excited about a brand new week ahead of me because I get to decide what that week looks like.

Now don’t be fooled–not every waking moment of lady boss life is shimmering unicorns and rainbows (although there are ALWAYS polka dots!). Today I will spend far more time than I’d like filling out tax forms and calling to get this or that business tax account number (can you tell I barely know what I’m talking about–PTL for bookkeepers who tell me what to do!)…and no, that stuff isn’t any fun.

BUT, the big difference is that I know every one of these tasks matters. No busy work here! Only meaningful steps towards growing a business built around doing something I love.

If there’s anything I feel like I was placed on this earth to do, I wouldn’t even say it was photography. I would say photography has allowed me to show other people that following your dreams is good, necessary, and doable. It’s given me a platform where I can encourage other entrepreneurs who are just a couple steps behind in their journey and need that little bit of virtual love to get over the speed bumps along the way. 

And that’s why I think I’m here, guys. I’m here for you–the person sitting in their cubicle, eyes welling up because they are just so damn tired of hating their job and the flicker of hope they get from knowing it’s actually possible to design your own life. I’m here to tell you that your dreams ARE valid, and your life is worth making a change. 

Don’t walk into your boss’ office and put in your two weeks notice quite yet though. (Although I knowwww how tempting that is.) I want you to do this the smart way, the safe way. I want your dreams to actually become reality, and I want the moment you do leave that job to be the most confident moment of your life, because you KNOW the life you designed is solid and ready for you. 

I started sending out a Monday morning letter to encourage all of your dreamers out there. I’ll be sharing stories from my journey, tips and tricks for building the net you’ll eventually jump into. If you want to join me in heart talk and dream chasing, drop your email below and let’s hang out in your inbox. ❤

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