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If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you’ve probably seen me talk about “brand photo shoots” recently. Annnd you’ve probably been like, what-the-what is a brand photo shoot?! You probably know the definition of “brand” or “branding,” but what does a photo shoot have to do with all that?
Well, the ladies of Flourish Collaborative put it like this:

As brand strategists, we get that the outside of your brand is just as important as the inside. A brand without good visuals is sort of like looking in the mirror and not having a reflection.You’re real; you’re full of emotion and passion and ideas, but no one else can see it but you. 

Visual content is the link between what the public sees and what you see in yourself. 

Try to think of your logo, website, and imagery like the worker bees that help form the public’s view of your purpose and mission. When you’re off catching some z’s (or hustling at 3am), you should be able to rely on brand photos across all platforms to communicate your WHY and appeal to your target. It’s like the passive income that keeps on giving.

So, in a nutshell, brand photos are the visual components of your brand–from the photos on your website, to your head shots, to the images you post on social media. In order to present a truly cohesive brand across all platforms, you need some stellar images out their telling your brand’s story.

Erica + Caty over at Flourish know the importance of having beautiful, successful brand photos. We planned a photo shoot to get them some new website header images, some fun, personalized head shots, and a library of brand photos they can use to complement the content they generate on their blog and Instagram.

We had a blast at their shoot, and the final result of our collaborationwas a true testament to their brand. And, as an extra dose of awesomeness, Erica + Caty invited me to be a guest on this week’s Flourish blog post — “4 Steps To Taking Killer Brand Photos.” (Um, FUN!)

So, no more lackluster photos on your site, and no more head shots from 10 years ago. Follow the tips from these talented ladies, and your brand (and ultimately your bank account) will thank you. <3

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