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Lately I’ve been very focused on figuring out a morning routine that will get me into alignment before I start my day. I want to do things that make me feel joyful and peaceful before I do work, because from what I’ve been learning about how energetic vibrations of matter work (spoiler alert: we are made of matter, so our bodies have a vibration just like everything else on the planet), raising your vibration BEFORE you work will help you achieve more effortless results. Why? Because then you aren’t working against the natural flow of positive energy. You aren’t working from a negative place of fear or worry, and you aren’t trying to strong arm your way into success. Instead, you are getting into alignment with your higher purpose, and as a result everything will flow more easily.

(Sidenote: I’m still very much learning about all of this, so I’m not great at explaining it yet. If you want a place to start to understand more of what I’m talking about, I recommend Jess Lively’s podcast The Lively Show, and I would begin specifically with the five episodes she titled the “Quantum Living” series.)

So, back to the morning routine! I’m working one-on-one with health coach Amy Kuretsky through her Self-Care for Creative Entrepreneurs course on determining what exactly brings me peace and joy first thing in the morning, so I can be in alignment as I begin my day. And so far, I’ve learned a few things…

I planned (with Amy’s help) to spend my morning like this: make Bulletproof coffee, drink coffee and read for 35 mins, and then spend 10 minutes exploring either meditation, visualization, or gratitude journaling. 

It was a great place to start, and I truly thought reading was going to be the primary part of my morning routine, because there isn’t much I love more than reading. But it turns out that while I love it, I’m not always in the mood for it first thing in the morning.

In fact, I actually prefer writing over reading in the morning. Specifically, writing like this – casually and conversationally about things I’m feeling, what I’ve been learning, or things that just inspire me. And I don’t mean private journaling – I mean writing content for this little corner of the internet. (Which if you haven’t noticed, has become my personal diary of sorts.)

So here are the morning routine tweaks I’ve been making – when I feel inspired to write, I’ll write. When I want to read, I’ll read. I will make an effort to meditate for 10 minutes every day because I enjoy it and it does clear my mind. And then if I have time or the desire to do gratitude journaling or visualization, I will do that – but no pressure if I don’t.

And the best discovery I’ve made is that music CHANGES my day. If I play happy music that I love as I make my coffee, my energy instantly lifts, and I feel incredibly calm. So, I made a “joyful alignment” playlist on Spotify (go check it out! And yes, “Despacito” is on it. Don’t judge…I’m still a Belieber), and it’s now my morning jam.

And so far, that’s that. I’m still setting aside an hour for this process every morning, but I’m opening up my options for which activity feels most inspiring each day.

What’s your morning routine look like? Do you have one? Are you into woo-woo things like alignment and meditation? Have I completely weirded you out with all my energy talk? ✨😘



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